Break The Monotony – 5 Things To Do When You’re Not Studying!

As a school-going student, the toughest challenge is to study…study a lot. We agree it is a tedious process and that it requires you to transfer an enormous amount of information from textbooks, notes and the internet to an extremely reliable part of your mind. Phew! This surely sounds a little boring, a bit monotonous to undergo every day as a student.

But think of the process of studying regularly or at least during the exams as a medicine that despite its bitter taste fetches exceptional results. Adding to this thought, one of the best ways to maintain a healthy study habit is to ‘avoid’ having a monotonous routine. Confused? Don’t be.

To get into the study zone is not easy but then it is very easy to start following a mundane schedule. In fact, you can break the monotony and actually do something that is not limited to just studying for school. Intrigued? Take a look:

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OUSTATHON 2015 – Exclusively for 9th and 10th standard students


So here is an exciting announcement!

We are starting with the OUSTATHON 2015 in Mysore and Belgaum on August 27, 2015. 


Oustathon will give students a platform to portray their academic skills and compete with fellow students across the entire district in a fun way. The contest covers Maths, Social Science and Science for 9th and 10th grade students, based on the Karnataka syllabus.

It is India’s first mobile gaming challenge for academics! 

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6 online courses a student must take!

Today’s generation is proactive when it comes to academics. Students don’t mind making an extra effort to fine tune their concepts through different methods. Whether it is recording an entire lecture on a gadget or watching relevant videos at school, mode of learning today has no bounds. In fact, it is safe to concur that technology has enabled the students to be at the center of learning.

Taking online courses is the new fad among Indian students and this isn’t restricted to just the college-going youth. More and more school-going children are getting enamored with the idea of learning something more even after school hours and assessing themselves continuously on the go using mobile apps. Are you someone like that? You have come to the right place.


We are going to discuss 6 online courses that you can take if your thirst for knowledge is beyond attending lectures at school. Oh, and we have included some fun courses as well for your perusal. Have a look:

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Awaken the Zuckerberg in your child!

We get it. You love your child! You want him or her to be the best at whatever initiative your child undertakes. Brilliant! You are always there to lend your support, create a fun, stress-free studying environment, offer morale boost and certainly give financial benefits to your child. In short, you would do anything to make life ‘super easy’ for him or her. It’s understandable.

This parenting quality comes handy, especially when your child is planning to start a business. Yes, it sounds challenging, maybe even like mock tests, for your son or daughter but it’s an exciting one; something that calls for your involvement and engagement as well! As Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg once brightly stated, “All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once you grow up.”


So the million dollar question is to ensure that your child hones those special skills to take a plunge into entrepreneurship. Is it really that simple to awaken the genius (like Zuckerberg) in your child? It is; but provided you keep in mind these easy ways:

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The Ultimate Guide To Studying Smarter (And Not Just Harder)

Whether you go to school or college, you do learn something new every day. Now, the process of learning something new can be overwhelming. And if you think about it, understanding a novel concept, fact or chapter is not an easy game and requires lots of hard work from the student’s side – perhaps, few study hacks maybe?

Adding to this thought – Have you taken note of students who study all the time yet are unable to get good marks in class tests or annual exams? We are sure you have. Everyone does come across such people, who despite putting in so much effort and countless hours in their studies, are not able to do well academically.

No, we are not saying that such students are weak or unintelligent. It’s just that their way of studying is not smart enough unlike those who spend merely a fraction of their time and energy in studies. Yes, it is true! The concept of “more study hours is equal to awesome marks” never made sense and it is just wrong!


So if you are able to grasp concepts in a shorter period of time, it means you don’t have to spend hours mugging up every line or word written in the books just before exams! Now, in order to have clarity in all of your subjects, you don’t need to have an IQ of 140! You need to study smartly, very smartly. Take notes here:

Create a study schedule

It is very important to have a proper study schedule in place. With so many subjects to study and plenty of homework assignments to finish, it is difficult to manage it all! Hence, it is important to prioritize everything for the day. For instance, allot each day of the week to a specific subject. Confident in english? Good. Keep it for the weekend where it is easy to mix study & play.

Hate math? Don’t worry. Allocate 1 hour every day to this dreaded subject. In addition to this, complete your homework systematically, without wasting much time on it. It is important to create a to-do list especially during exams, when the stress levels are high and everything seems to distract!

Don’t just memorize, understand

The easiest way to score marks is not to mug up whatever has been taught to you. Instead, it is actually act of grasping and memorizing that ensures this. Now, a particular concept can be understood in the following ways:

  1. Visually by using maps, tutorials and charts.
  2. Aurally by recording own words or lectures.
  3. Kinesthetically via ‘learning by doing’.
  4. Emotionally by connecting concepts to different songs, objects, people, etc.

By opting for any of the three ways, you can get an idea of examples and instances that are not mentioned in the textbooks but still hold relevance in the current context. In addition to this, breaking down difficult lessons or tricky questions in to smaller portions is a better way of getting clarity.

Make notes, copious amounts of them and strive to get information from any and every source you can lay your hands on. Keep a rather holistic approach towards learning something new. Don’t stick to just your textbooks but don’t forget to read them thoroughly as well!

Make use of the internet

Today’s generation is blessed with websites, mobile apps, etc. that offer fun and interesting ways of learning and self-assessment. With the unlimited pool of resources including tests, answer keys and question banks available on the internet, it has become easier to study a particular concept beyond the usual textbooks.

When it comes to tests, there’s no dearth of e-papers – on the websites or on mobile apps – for the students. In fact, some of the apps even allow students to not assess themselves but also compare their performance with fellow test-takers on the same platform itself!

The advent of technology has made it possible to study on-the go and even give tests while on the move! Who would have thought that a student could study about a concept or give a test while he or she is traveling to school or coming back home from school? It’s truly an impressive development in the academic process.

You should try to experiment with different modes of learning – whatever allows you to understand a particular chapter better. With a little bit of hard work and an array of smart ways, you can always stay ahead of the game. In fact, if you are dedicated enough to at least develop the knack of grasping concepts using ways beyond the textbooks, your academic life will become simpler for sure! But of course, no matter how much you study or how smartly you memorize theories, everything goes waste if it’s not done from the heart. So, make sure you always keep the larger picture in mind!

Be your own teacher and take tests online

Does taking online tests help students? The answer is ‘yes’! Most teachers and parents won’t agree with this and perhaps emphasize more on a traditional approach to taking tests; the truth is that with the increased penetration of internet everywhere, especially mobile internet, online tests & exams have grabbed the attention of schools and other educational institutes.

Moreover, it has become increasingly easy for the students to assess themselves by taking online tests because of the abundant websites and mobile apps that offer fun ways of learning. Giving exams on an online platform frequently is now considered a valuable skill – something that couldn’t have been perceived as this ten years ago! Today, almost all competitive exams such as CAT, IIT-JEE and GMAT to name a few are given online.


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