Why Oustathon is the WAY to academic excellence

We can’t stress enough on the fact that Oustathon 2015 was a phenomenal success. After all, it was a unique kind of a competition for students that involved the use of a mobile phone! Since Oust has been making news lately and is in the process of expanding the content on the app, it is certain the team’s efforts are being noticed by one and everyone.

We sat down with the brain behind this innovative learning concept, Shrikant Latkar, for a quick chat on everything Oustathon 2015, today’s student generation and what’s in store in future. Few excerpts:

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Crack K-CET 2016 with OUST

As we mentioned yesterday that Team Oust is organizing KCET 2016 Mock Series in the coming month. Yes, it is definitely exciting to host yet another round of madness/learning after Oustathon 2015 for you all students.

Now before we start off with the series, we would like to introduce 4 ways in which you can make the most of Oust for preparation of KCET 2016. Most of you may have come across a lot of mobile applications and online websites that offer the best of the best in academics.


So what makes us so different? And, why do you need to make Oust app your best friend for the coming months? Read on.

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Studying Smart For CET 2016 With OUST!

Hope to get admission in an engineering college of your choice? Aspire to study Dentistry? Want to become a doctor? Phew! It’s a given that after completing 12th standard, career options are many. And if you know which line of business you wish to undertake, then you are lucky.

Having said that, do you plan to plan to sit for Karnataka Common Entrance Test (KCET) next year? If you remember last week we shared a couple of interesting study hacks to top this competitive exam; today we are here to certainly help you prepare for KCET in the smartest way possible.

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OUSTATHON 2015 | What students, teachers and team OUST are saying!

OUSTATHON 2015, the one-of-its-kind mobile challenge that began with lots of zeal and fervor last month is now coming to a close. Sponsored by Rotary E-Club of 3170, Belgaum and Rotary Mysore Midtown, the contest witnessed 100% participation from students of class ninth and tenth. Based on Karnataka syllabus, the Oustathon included three subjects—Math, Science and Social Science.

After covering 16 schools across Mysore and Belgaum including B.K. Model High School and St. Paul’s School in Belgaum and Vijaya Vittala Vidya Shala in Mysore, we confidently conclude that this competition was a great success. The traction has been at an all-time high with the students completely engaged with our Oust app.

Not only this, we have also seen a high interaction level on our Oust’s official Facebook page! The Grand Finale will be held tomorrow, September 19, 2015, with 1 or 2 teams from each school participating in the Live Quiz Show.

Let us take a walk through the enormously crazy yet successful OUSTATHON 2015!

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The Ultimate Guide To Cracking KCET 2016 (for students and parents)

According to Karnataka Examinations Authority (KEA), over 1.5 lac students sat for Common Entrance Test (CET) conducted on May 12 and May 13 this year. Held at 53 places, spread all over Karnataka, this competitive exam is carried out for the admission of students interested in taking up Medical, Engineering, Technology and Dental courses.

The KCET paper mostly comprises the 10+1 and 10+2 syllabus. With K-CET mock tests slated to begin from the month of October, tension is riding high on the minds of students who want to pursue a course of their choice in a renowned college of the state.

In addition to this, we are sure that most parents are also getting sleepless nights due to their children preparing for this exam. To make the K-CET preparation a breeze for the both parties, we have listed few “study and life” hacks. Have a read:

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Why Mobile Learning Apps Are Here To Stay!

It’s a given that students of today’s time have technology at their fingertips. Smartphones, tablets, e-books—you all seem to have them right here, next to you. Mobile phones, especially, have become an irrevocable part of your lives. After all, it’s all about conquering the academics in the 21st century and how!

According to a report published by Forbes India, Indian consumers, on an average, spend 3 hours and 18 minutes on their smartphones on a daily basis. Needless to say, these figures back up the reason for how the education sector in our country is in the process of evolving thanks to the advent of mobile-learning.

So yes, the real turning point of the modern education system in India maybe finally here but the question is how many of you are actually ready to use your phones to learn? If yes, then how? You all may love to carry your phones all the time, browse through them endlessly and take pictures constantly, which is fine.

But has it ever occurred to you that your approach towards m-learning might not be accurate? ‘Are you using the services of your phone and app diligently?’—these are the questions to ponder on. Let us take a look at how mobile apps can help you students in excelling at academics in the smartest way possible:

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