5 Productivity Lessons To Boost Your Output As A Student

As a student, you are expected to learn your lessons, finish your assignments and prepare for exams—all at the same time! Sure, it sounds rather stressful. But this is what typically forms a major part of a student’s life. In the current scenario, it is even more important to keep the productivity levels at an all-time high, given the amount of energy a student wastes on smartphones, tablets and laptops—and that also, not studying!

Team Oust decodes impressive tips (on being productive) from people who have made a mark for themselves in their respective fields. Read on to boost your output:

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Trends To Watch Out For In Mobile Learning in 2016

If there’s something that educationists are sure about it is the rise of e-learning in the coming years. Gone are those days when teaching & learning methods were confined within the four walls of the classroom. In today’s time and age, the education sector has become pro-change or let’s say pro-technology and wants to incorporate new mediums to study.

M-learning has certainly managed to create quite a buzz in the last one year itself! As inventor, futurist and author, Ray Kurzweil once said, “Mobile phones are misnamed. They should be called gateways to all human knowledge.” Today, we have welcomed a plethora of options (read: apps) to study, learn and play—all at the same time—while on the move!


So what’s going to trend in the field of m-learning in 2016? Let’s have a look:

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Hacks To Study Attentively

Not all students have a strong attention span. There’s nothing wrong with it, as long as you are able to study and finish all your tasks on time. However, if you really want to ensure you are able to study for a long time, here’s what you can try:

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How To Maximize Concentration Level While Studying

Concentrating on academics is a big challenge for every student. We all have had troubles giving our 100 per cent, undivided attention to studies. It happens! However when you have a series of tests and bi-yearly exams to give from time to time, it becomes essential to focus. We have collated a list of some study hacks to help you concentrate better and make your dreaded study sessions a breeze. Have a look:


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A Tête-à-tête With Educator & Blogger, Mr. Rajkumar R

An educationist, a social media enthusiast and a pro-blogger—Mr. Rajkumar R. is a person with many skills. A Post Graduate teacher in Mathematician by qualification, this Chennai-based educator had to leave his job at a city-based high school after he met with an accident.

This is where Elixir of Knowledge came into existence in 2009—an educational resource covering the unsolved mysteries in the fields of History and Science that consumes a major portion of time and energy of Mr. Rajkumar. Apart from this, he also teaches 11th and 12th standard-students from socially and economically backward classes.

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5 Books Every High School Student Must Read

Did you know that India has the largest population of readers in the world? The ratio of hours per week per person is 10:42—which is a brilliant number to state in comparison with other nations across the globe.

Even though this figures states that the book culture is strong in our country, there are other surveys that proved otherwise. According to the 2010 National Youth Readership Survey, only 74 per cent of the Indian youth are literate, out of which around 25 per cent tend to be regular readers.

Yes, the numbers are shocking but there’s always scope to spread awareness about how important it is to read regularly. And that counts both fiction and non-fiction. Books form an integral part of a student’s life as they offer a plateful of information, ideas and answers.

Since listing fiction is subjective, let us take a look at 6 non-fiction books that every high school-going student must read:

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