Cracking Competitive Exams In The 21st Century

Students in this time and age are proactive when it comes to dealing with academics. They don’t hesitate to fine tune their understanding of certain concepts or subjects via different, innovative mediums. Whether it is doodling notes of one complete lecture on a piece of paper or watching a documentary film to connect with a particular subject, mode of education today has no boundaries.


It is safe to conclude that students are now at the helm of learning due to technology. From toddlers & teenagers to college-going students, smartphones and other gadgets seemed to have found a bigger purpose than just offering services of communication and entertainment. As more than 15 million students in India sit to write competitive exams every year, it is clear that online and m-learning have a bright future here.

Let us take a look at four mediums that can help students prepare for college entrance exams in a structured manner:

Khan Academy

This is not only a full-fledged website but also has an app that offers an array of problem-solving assignments and short tutorials exercises. Specializing in Math, Science and Economics to name a few, Khan Academy is popular among students preparing for entrance exams such as IIT-JEE, MCAT, CAT, etc. So if you’re planning to start your preparation, this website has an enormous bank of study materials pertaining to +2 classes.


Let’s face it: YouTube has evolved over the years and is now seen as a source of education as well. From online tutorials to recorded lectures-a student can access to a plethora of information on just a single click. You can easily check for relevant videos on the video-sharing website. YouTube has definitely taken online learning to a whole new level.



This mobile application allows the user to create a set of study materials. It comes with 9 million sets of flashcards which, by the way, is impressive. In addition to revising with the help of flashcards, the user can even make use of images and audios on the app for different subjects. Quizlet really makes speed revision possible and most importantly, easy!

Oust App

This mobile application lets the user take a plethora of 2 minute-long quizzes comprising 5 questions each. In addition to this, the app has a huge diverse question bank that not only caters to students from classes 9th to 12th but also helps them in cracking exams such as SAT, PUC, COMEDK and JEE. The user-friendly app can be used from anywhere, as long as the user has mobile internet.

There’s no doubt that an increasing number of students are enamored with the desire to learn something new-even after their normal hours of schools/colleges. There’s an innate want to learn, test and assess whilst-on-the go using mobile apps. The best part is that such mobile apps complement the other online study mediums perfectly.

The article was originally published on on October 31, 2015.

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