Oust Micro Learning Platform to Power Care24 Worker Training Program

BANGALOREDecember 29, 2016 /Oust Labs/ —

Care24 Launches New Patient-Attendant Training Program Using Oust Micro Learning

Care24, an innovative home-based healthcare services provider has chosen Oust Micro Learning Platform to set a new standard in the training of patient-attendant staff.

Oust Labs, a pioneer in micro learning, offers an advanced SaaS platform for enterprises looking to solve the last mile training challenges. It has built a proprietary methodology of delivering learning outcomes in short 2-minute modules delivered over an extended period of time.

Garima Tripathi, Co-Founder and COO of Care24 said, “We are continuously innovating to deliver the best patient care for ‘at home’ patients. We realized very early on that training our caregivers is paramount to our success, and hence we started our in-house class training program. With Oust, we can now continuously assess and reinforce key aspects of delivering world-class care for our patients, ensuring optimum patient care and enhanced patient experience each and every time.”

“Healthcare industry is one of the largest employers of blue-collar workers across India. Skilling the new generation of workers entering this segment is a massive opportunity for us. We are excited to be partnering with Care24, an innovator in the home-based patient care sector to bring world class training and assessments through the mobile device. The digitization of Indian economy, further boosts the demand for anytime, anywhere training in short bursts of time,” said Shrikant Latkar, Founder – CEO of Oust Labs.

Oust is partnering with Care24 to deliver continuous training in Hindi and Marathi for their 1500+ caregivers in Mumbai. The company specializes in delivering last mile training of workers through its Oust App – available on the Web, Android and iOS (beta).

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About Oust Labs:

Oust is an innovative technology company that is pioneering gamified, mobile micro learning for the masses in 2 minutes, 5 questions at a time. Oust has developed a proprietary methodology that leverages movies, music and sports to deliver personalized learning outcomes for an individual or a group. The Oust platform consists of the Oust Web App, iOS App, and Android App, and a powerful real-time management platform – Oust MPower for authoring and delivering content to the end users. Oust is available in 9 Indian languages currently. Oust Labs is funded by Aarin Capital, 3One4 Capital and Mr. T. V. Mohandas Pai. It has offices in Bangalore and Belgaum.

For details please visit https://www.oustlabs.com

About Care 24:

Care24 is a first-of-its-kind home healthcare service provider in Mumbai, which offers personal and affordable healthcare assistance within the comforts of one’s home. The brainchild of three bright IIT alumni – Vipin PathakAbhishek Tiwari and Garima Tripathi, Care24 has been in operation in Mumbai since December 2014. Since then, it has helped more than 10,000 patients comfortably heal at home. Care24 offers world-class medical care at home with 100% background verified caregivers. Services dispensed include nurses (ANM, GNM and B.Sc.), attendants, physiotherapists, nutritional guidance, pregnancy care, cancer care and infant care.
As patients need the continuity of care at home to recover physically, mentally, psychologically and emotionally fast with ease and comfort Care24 acts as an extended arm for the hospitals at their homes.

Please visit Care24’s website: https://care24.co.in/

Storytellers wanted! Announcing the Oust Short Story Contest

The team at Oust is back with a contest yet again and this time, we’re all about identifying the best storytellers and feature them as part of the exclusive Oust Writers Club!

What’s more is that the winner gets it all! Oust has cash prizes lined up for you if your story gets selected, you become a part of our exclusive writers club, get featured on our hall of fame and social media, and get ongoing paid projects.

Yes, if there’s a field that you are an expert in and are willing to share the knowledge to win exciting prizes, this contest is for you.

What is the contest about?

Is there a specific industry or niche that you’re an expert at? A topic that you could help others learn smarter or some secret hacks that you learnt on the job – you wish someone shared with you?

This contest is all about breaking down all those frequently asked topics from your industry into simple, interactive visual stories, that your target audience can use to learn a particular skill. In simpler words, this contest is all about making skill development easier, and giving your expertise the much deserved recognition!

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Oust Micro Learning Platform Selected by Zimmber for Delivering Innovative Training for their Champs

Thursday Nov 24, 2016 Bangalore, India, Oust Labs, a pioneer in gamified, mobile micro learning solutions, is proud to announce successful deployment of their platform with Zimmber, a Mumbai based on demand home services startup.

Since raising its seed investment from Mr. T.V. Mohandas Pai and Aarin Capital, Oust has been pioneering the concept of gamified, mobile micro learning for skill development. Zimmber deployed this product in September after a short proof of concept phase and has seen terrific engagement from their Champs that consist of electricians, plumbers, painters etc.

Amit Kumar, Co-founder and COO of Zimmber said, “We at Zimmber have always been innovative in delivering value to customers and ensuring the upliftment of our service providers – our Champs. After extensive evaluation of several products, we chose Oust, as it is the only full-stack micro-learning solution, that supports several Indian languages. With Oust, we are able to digitize our trainings, and create short 2 minutes micro courses and assessments in Hindi, and launch them in a very short period of time. We saw a completion rate of 82% within 24 hours of launching a course. As industry thought leaders we have been setting benchmarks for others to follow and this initiative with Oust is another contribution to the home service industry.”

According to a study by Microsoft, humans now have attention span of 8 seconds, which is less than that of a goldfish. Oust is pioneering a new way of training and learning by making it easy for corporations to create rich content on specific topics of interest to ensure that their employees learn in short bursts of time. The Oust micro learning platform consists of the Oust App (available on the Web, Android & iOS) and its powerful Oust MPower management portal that not only helps in authoring and delivering content to the users in real-time, but also helps in measuring learning outcomes with real time analytics.

“In today’s age of WhatsApp and Facebook, where users are expecting rich, visual content, Oust is pioneering a new way of training for corporations by solving the last mile problem in local languages. Institutions can create, test and launch micro-courses and assessments in as little as 30 minutes. We are excited to partner with Zimmber to deliver gamified micro learning to their freelancer community.”, said Shrikant Latkar, Founder – CEO of Oust Labs.

Oust has been in trials with a select group of large enterprises in India over the last 6 months, and is now available for all corporations and educational institutions. Oust evolved from a product that helped students prepare for exams into a full-fledged gamified micro learning solution. Oust is now available in 9 Indian languages currently.

About Oust Labs

Oust is an innovative technology company that is pioneering gamified, mobile micro learning for the masses in 2 minutes, 5 questions at a time. Oust has developed a proprietary methodology that leverages movies, music and sports to deliver personalized learning outcomes for an individual or a group. The Oust platform consists of the Oust Web App, iOS App, and Android App, and a powerful real-time management platform – Oust MPower for authoring and delivering content to the end users. Oust is available in 9 Indian languages currently. For details please visit www.oustlabs.com

About Zimmber

Zimmber is India’s leading online home service platform which was founded in 2014 by Anubhab Goel and Amit Kumar. Operates on 4R execution strategy which ensures awesome service delivery by sending the Right Person who will reach at the Right Time will do the Right Thing and charge the Right price. Currently the services are delivered in Mumbai, Pune and NCR.

What Is Micro Learning?

Clearly, we live in an age and time where technology is paramount. Today, almost everyone has access to mobile phones and electronic gadgets. From using study apps to taking skill assessment tests, the use of technology has increased as far as professional and academic development is concerned.

Research says the average human attention span has come down from 12 seconds in 2000 to just 8 seconds post the mobile revolution. This means our society is currently in the process of moving from a culture of deep attention to one of hyper-attention.

In simple words, hyper-attention means switching focus between multiple information streams, seeking a high preference for stimulation and having a much lower tolerance for boredom – both at educational institutes and workforces. This is because today almost everyone is either distracted or impatient.

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Micro Learning – The Next Big Wave in Learning

The celebrated economist, Herbert Simon while coining the term Information Overload said,

“In an information-rich world, the wealth of information means a dearth of something else: a scarcity of whatever it is that information consumes. What information consumes is rather obvious: it consumes the attention of its recipients. Hence a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention and a need to allocate that attention efficiently among the overabundance of information sources that might consume it”.

The amount of data getting generated keeps burgeoning – a recent IBM research figure says 90% of the data generated ever has been in the last two years alone. While Big Data is the name of the game, how does learning from this data take place? A learning enthusiast today is faced with a daunting task with data flowing everywhere around her and she having to grapple with vast volumes of high-velocity data hitting her from all sides – TV, the internet, newspapers, E-Learning sites, her own classroom, social media and what not. And what indeed is happening? A paucity of attention; or in scientific terms, a reduction in attention span or attention span deficit. No wonder, a recent Microsoft research finding states that attention span in the digital age has dropped from 12 seconds to 8.

Are we in for a situation wherein there is water all around and not enough of it to drink? Maybe, but yes, the indomitable spirit of humans to solve problems leads one to a solution which addresses this issue conclusively – no I am not talking as much about Big Data Analytics as I am about Micro Learning. Micro Learning is a new paradigm in the world of learning. It facilitates learning by offering extremely small bite-sized pieces of information in short bursts of time. The idea is to break down large volumes of content into extremely small capsules that make one understand the deeper concepts without having to go through pages of reading or hour long lectures. The challenge is not in breaking down the content into smaller pieces of information. It is rather in compressing the large content into small logical pieces of information. The learner consumes the content in extremely short durations and understands the concept. Maybe, that also kindles the student’s imagination. So it is not about showing the effulgence of knowledge, it’s about showing a ray that has the potential to unlock an individual’s inquisitiveness to know more and explore more and lead her to the larger, longer forms of information.

In an information scarce world, the interest probably was in seeking information and consuming it before it became unavailable – like maybe the library shutting the doors on a holiday. But now, with more than abundant information available anywhere and anytime, the challenge is to provide the learner with the information that just suffices the need and opens the doors to more serious thinking. Welcome, Micro Learning!

Experience this change by downloading OustApp !

How does a student benefit from online video gaming

Dear parents, remember how you scold your children when they spend a bit too much time playing video games? We agree it is a little frustrating to see them spend day-in, day-out on their Xbox. Apart from health concerns, falling behind on academics is something that really bothers you – which is why you never support this hobby.

We get it. But now, it is time to change – bit by bit.

If your child is an avid gamer, then maybe you will appreciate this piece of news: A 2012 study by Alberto Posso, a professor at Australia’s RMIT University, revealed that teens who spend time playing video games online are often able to improve their academic grades.

Yes – this is happening and how! Playing video games involves lots of strategizing which indirectly has a positive impact on the school results. In the same study, Posso found that students who were active on social media tended to perform not-so-well in subjects such as math, science and reading.

Such students scored a grade which was 20 points lower than those who never used any type of social media platform. This conclusion was made by Posso after he studied the online activities of more than 12,000 fifteen-year-olds and their math, science and reading marks in school exams.

Even though this study grabbed attention of academicians and parents alike, it was decided that since the social media trends change so rapidly, the conclusion derived by the report didn’t represent the current status on how students used technology – social media and online video games Read more