5 Innovations In Education Across The Globe

Education has a new name and it is called “genuine learning”.

This is so because today, education is not just confined to reading from textbooks, solving bulky sets of questions for homework and mugging up concepts to come first in exams only to forget everything for good as soon as you get out of school!

Today, it is so much more than that. The face of academics is changing and it is changing fast. Let us take a step forward and talk about five educational innovations that broke all shackles of monotonous, regimental and conventional way of educating students.

You might feel shocked at first. But sooner or later, you will be overwhelmed to see the changes that have taken place in these classrooms.

Have a look:

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How Gamification Helps Students To Perform Better

Coined in 2002, the term gamification is defined as the process where game-based elements and mechanics are applied in other non-game contexts. Since it leads the user to do a certain set of tasks or to act in a desired way, it tends to increase motivation and confidence levels of the user.

Needless to say, gamification has tremendous potential in the education sector.

In classroom scenarios, particularly, these game-based elements are being incorporated with an aim to provide students the opportunities to act independently, display competence and learn in relationship to others.

This is based on the simple fact that game players dominantly exhibit persistence, risk-taking, attention to detail and problem-solving – all behaviours that would ideally be regularly demonstrated in school.

If you have noticed, our Oust App also instills a sense of competition among its student/user base. You take a quiz, challenge another student to it and compare your score with him or her. Then we have Weekly Leaderboards to help you gauge your performance during the past seven days.

In simple words, gamification improves active learning and class engagement in higher education.

Here are 4 benefits of successful gamification schemes in classrooms:

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Oust Weekly Leaderboard Prizes – New Rules

In order to give a chance for all users who regularly play Oust, win prizes, we are making a few changes effective immediately.

  • We will pick 3 random people from the Top weekly leaderboard and award gift vouchers of Rs. 200 each
  • Prizes are awarded for users who play modules that are grade 10 or higher

We continuously monitor fraud on our system and people who create multiple accounts in order to win prizes, will be banned. For details – read this

As always, all decisions of Oust are FINAL.

Play fair and win!

How To Prepare For AIPMT 2016

Did you know that 99.4% of all candidates fail All India Pre-Medical Test (AIPMT) every year? While the number of students sitting for this competitive exam runs in lakhs, there are only 52,300 MBBS seats in the country.

Moreover, government colleges have less than 25,000 seats and the all-India quota is just 15% and that excludes premier medical institutes such as AIIMS and JIIPMER. With the figure of failures so high, the motivation levels of students certainly dampens.

But it does not have to be like this.

With proper planning and smart studying, it is possible to secure a spot in a good medical college in the country. Before we discuss tips on cracking AIPMT, we would request you to ignore the “99.4%” figure for once and for all.

There is no point in heading further if you are demotivated internally – and if the number scares you.

So please, remove all doubts from your mind and consider AIPMT a challenge. Read on:

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Rules for disqualifying/banning contestants

Hi All,

Contests on Oust are proving to be extremely popular and we have started to crack down on people not following our code of conduct very very seriously.

Contest participants will be disqualified for any of the following reasons:

  1. If we are able to identify that the contestant participated more than once in the same contest
  2. Contestant was not eligible (over qualified – as certain contests are only open for students in that particular grade/college level)
  3. Contestant did not play fair – cheated along with a group of other students, in which case the entire group will be disqualified
  4. Contestants who are disqualified will get an email from Oust. Repeat offenders, will be BANNED from Oust forever.
  5. Finally, Oust reserves the right to disqualify anyone if we suspect any kind of fraud.

Play fair, play square, and have fun & learn. Thats the motto at Oust.


Founder – Oust Labs

Oust PCM & PCB Championship (KCET, MHT CET & AIPMT)

We are excited to launch a unique championship that comprises of typical competitive exam questions to help students get ready for Karnataka CET, Maharashtra CET & AIPMT.

The questions are also typical of what people would expect in EAMCET, BITSAT and other private universities.

What is PCM/PCB championship? 

OUST is conducting a series of  competitions that will enable the students to compete & understand where do they stand. The questions chosen for these events will be important for students to understand.

Who can play this? 
All students in the preparation for competitive exams either for KCET, MHT-CET or AIPMT, 
EAMCET, etc., willing to enhance their understanding on a topic enabling them to score 
When are these events conducted? 
These events will typically run on each day and from 15th April 2016 to 30th April 2016.  
How many questions?

We will offer new set of 90 questions every alternate day for PCM & PCB. Students can join both contests. PCB starts April 15 & PCM starts April 16.

What are the prizes? 

We are giving prizes for referrals – other students who download the app and participate in the contest:

  • 10 referrals – 1 Coupon of Café Coffee Day of Rs. 50/- 
  • 25 referrals – 1 Coupon of the Domino’s Pizza of Rs. 150/- 
  • 50 referrals – 1 Coupon of Domino’s Pizza of Rs. 300/- 
  • 100 referrals – 1 Flipkart Voucher of Rs. 750/- 

Top 50 students (we have a secret algorithm to eliminate fraud and participants who play multiple times) will be invited to participate in the final LIVE TEST to determine who gets the Amazon Kindle.

Decisions made by the Oust team is FINAL & BINDING.

Download OUST and get started today!

Rules for the contest are as follows:

  • Who can participate?
    • All students  are invited to participate in the Oust
  • Scoring
    • There is no negative marking for the questions
    • Scores are determined based on time taken to answer the question and if the question was answered correctly
    • Students will know their score as soon as they finish a challenge of 5 questions and in total 10 challenges
  • Analytics for Students
    • Students will also have access to their analytics of their performance at the end of the event
  • Appeal Process or Revaluation
    • All decisions regarding winners are final and binding and there is no revaluation or appeal process.
  • What is required to participate in the contest?
    • Students can only participate in the contest via the Mobile Phone (only Android devices with version 4.0 or higher). Only one entry per person allowed.
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  • Additional Terms and Conditions