How does a student benefit from online video gaming

Dear parents, remember how you scold your children when they spend a bit too much time playing video games? We agree it is a little frustrating to see them spend day-in, day-out on their Xbox. Apart from health concerns, falling behind on academics is something that really bothers you – which is why you never support this hobby.

We get it. But now, it is time to change – bit by bit.

If your child is an avid gamer, then maybe you will appreciate this piece of news: A 2012 study by Alberto Posso, a professor at Australia’s RMIT University, revealed that teens who spend time playing video games online are often able to improve their academic grades.

Yes – this is happening and how! Playing video games involves lots of strategizing which indirectly has a positive impact on the school results. In the same study, Posso found that students who were active on social media tended to perform not-so-well in subjects such as math, science and reading.

Such students scored a grade which was 20 points lower than those who never used any type of social media platform. This conclusion was made by Posso after he studied the online activities of more than 12,000 fifteen-year-olds and their math, science and reading marks in school exams.

Even though this study grabbed attention of academicians and parents alike, it was decided that since the social media trends change so rapidly, the conclusion derived by the report didn’t represent the current status on how students used technology – social media and online video games Read more

Back-to-school lessons that hold significance in adult life

The most fun phase of your life is when you are at school or studying in college. You may nod your head in disagreement but trust us – you will say “yes” to this as you grow older and realize your problems as a student were nothing as compared to the mammoth of situations you deal with as an adult.

For 10th and 12th class students, the next few months are tough. Pre-boards, practical tests, viva and then board exams – that’s how the timeline is for most of you. As far as the college-going students are concerned, you have either joined a new institute or are about to join.

Whatever the situation is, it is a new beginning or the start of a new life. It is rather exciting for students of all ages. This is the reason why we have decided to impart a few life lessons that will be handy to you once you become a part of the society as an adult.

There is nothing to feel demotivated or scared about it. Everyone grows up and everyone has to deal with various kinds of situations. So let us not keep you in the dark anymore. Here is a list of 5 lessons you must always remember even after you grow out of the student phase:

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How To Start Branding Yourself Right After College

Till a few years ago, fresh college graduates had no internships or professional achievements to their name. There was a thin line between completing academics and starting a full-time job. But times are fast changing. Today, students are more conscious about getting an early start in their choice of field.

Whether it is a small internship or a part-time stint at an NGO – they are working hard towards building their personal brand. Yes – it is a long process and requires patience but presenting yourself to the world as a “person of calibre” is an achievement in itself!

Before we go any further, let’s try to decode the definition of personal branding:

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Seven Points To Remember While Preparing For CAT

OK – so the date for the Common Admission Test (CAT) to be held is set. 4 December it is. Students have already began preparing for this competitive exam. The Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) started this exam to select students for their business programs and it is a moment of prestige for a student to get enrolled in either of the institutes.

Cracking CAT is considered a feat given its difficulty level and paper pattern. But it is not impossible. With a proper study strategy in place, students can score a thrilling percentile and make their way to the second level of the admission process of IIMs. Sure – it is a tedious journey but the end-result is definitely worth it.

With less than 4 months left till the D-Day, let us not waste time any further. Let’s dive into learning seven basic points that you must keep in mind while preparing for CAT:

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