Local Language – The Secret To Effective Last Mile Employee Training

Before we begin to share insights on why making your employee training programs in local languages can be a success, it is necessary to understand the meaning of the term “last mile”. Used in supply chain management and transportation, it describes the movement of people and goods from the transportation hub to the final destination. Up to one-third of the total transportation cost goes into this final journey.

In a distributed office environment – specifically in the HR system, where employees or contractors are hired across the country, the last mile problem arises soon after a candidate is hired because he or she then has to align his or her behavior to not just the industry norms and functions (skill training), but also to company strategy and initiatives (onboarding). In short, employee engagement is paramount.

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5 Things To Watch Out For In HR In 2017

It’s the last month of the year! Whoa – time really whizzed by but we are glad we will soon be ringing in the New Year! But before that happens, let us ponder over fresh HR and workplace trends that are set to bring a big but a positive change in 2017.

The HR department no longer offers just recruitment services. In the last several years, it has evolved to perform a wide range of functions such as cultivating a healthy office environment, onboarding employees through scientific methods and retaining the creme de la creme.

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