Micro Learning For Workplace Training

If you have noticed you will agree that everyone’s nose is buried in their mobile phones or tablets. NO – we are not saying it is a bad thing. In fact, electronic devices have become an indispensable part of our lives.

They have made the world a smaller place to live in and connected everyone. We certainly like the technological changes that have happened so far, especially after the advent of internet, followed by social media. But this has also brought down our attention span to just 8 seconds.

This is where micro learning comes into the picture. In this time and age where instant consumption (of anything) is the need of the hour, this emergent learning strategy is known to quickly close skill and knowledge gaps of learners across different industries and functions.

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Micro Learning – A Step Forward

You might have noticed people making statements such as “word gets around fast”, “I came to know of it as soon as the story broke” or “Oh, this is old news!”. How do you think this happens? Is it because of increased use of social media? Definitely!

Is it because we have technology at our disposal? Absolutely!

When we combine the power of internet and availability of gadgets, we are able to consume pieces of information at a much faster rate.

Believe it or not – this is called “bite-sized learning or micro-learning” and it is becoming quite a trend across all industrial domains. Micro-learning is effective in the following instances:

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3 Learning Tech Trends For The Multitasking Generation

Technology is shaping modern learning at a pace that’s only for the better.

Till a decade ago, who knew we would be using mobile phones and iPads to acquire knowledge on-the-go? Or the fact that our minds wander so much that smart and quick ways to learn would instantly appeal to us?

Whether we talk about people at work or students surviving yet another year at school or college, both clusters of “learners” now communicate in rather different modes as a result of technology.

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