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Using Microlearning In Formal Education

Did you know that students only remember 21% of what is taught to them – just after a month? In an age and time where the attention span of an average human being is lesser than that of a goldfish, this statistic doesn’t surprise us at all! Remember when Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) first […]

Traditional Training Processes vs. Micro Learning

Simply put, getting trained is the action of undertaking a course, module or exercise to evolve in a specific skill in a working or educational environment. In this competitive world, it has become all the more necessary to develop industry specific skills to grow both personally and professionally. 40% of learners say that they don’t […]

Top Five Myths About Microlearning

If you ask us the buzzword of this time and age, we would have to say it is “micro learning”. Used by educational institutions and corporations as it allows the learners to acquire information in very specific bursts. Moreover, micro learning appeals to them as it is available to them exactly at the time of […]

This Is How Micro Learning Affects Behaviour Change

Did you know in 2000, our attention span was 12 seconds and now it is just 8 seconds – which is even lesser than that of a goldfish? In a time and age where the attention span of human beings has reduced considerably, microlearning seems to provide an ideal instructional approach to broaden the overall […]