In-store customer acquisition

How Oust Labs helped the client to increase the outreach of their store’s annual membership plan.


One of our clients has opened around 600 grocery stores across tier I and tier II cities in India. They wanted to enhance their in-store customer experience and acquire customers for store’s annual membership plans.

They followed the 3 step process to acquire the customer.

The role of Oust Labs

The key to success lies in the front line sales staff. They trained the staff at sales counters about the membership plans and customer acquisition process.

Oust Labs helped the client to simplify this training process. We helped them to

  1. Design the training course & content.
  2. Make the course content in 10 different Indian languages.
  3. Distribute the course via mobile apps and get user analytics

The outcome

Around 2000 sales staff, across 60 cities in India, was trained in a record time of 1 month. This resulted in 100% increase in the rate of customer acquisition.

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