Airtel chooses Oust Labs’ Micro Learning Platform for its Employee Learning Tool – Airtel 101

Bharti Airtel (“Airtel”) has chosen Oust Labs’ Micro Learning Platform for its interactive and gamified employee learning tool ‘Airtel 101’.

Oust Labs, a pioneer in micro-learning, has built a proprietary methodology of delivering learning outcomes on the mobile device on its advanced SaaS platform. Delivered in multiple languages, the Oust platform consists of a web application and mobile app for both iOS and Android, and MPower authoring platform for quickly repurposing existing training content or creating new mobile-friendly training content.

Harmeen Mehta, Global CIO and Head of Digital, Bharti Airtel said, “It has been a great experience to leverage Oust’s innovative learning platform to deliver a highly engaging experience to our employees.”

Airtel 101 is an example of using digital innovation to make learning interactive and engaging for employees. Its launch follows the recent roll-out of Airtel’s digital innovation program – Project Next with an aim to make customer experience simple, interactive and transparent. Designed in the form of a business quiz, Airtel 101 consists of numerous modules for various topic, followed by questions to be answered by the learner. Certificates of completion and leaderboards bring an element of healthy competition. The modules provide a comprehensive understanding of telecom.

“Our approach of integrating bite sized learning in user workflow is delivering terrific results to enterprises across the globe as they hire and engage with a large distributed workforce on mobile devices. Airtel has been rated as one of the most innovative companies in India today. We are extremely excited to be partnering with the No. 3 Telco in the world to deliver a highly scalable mobile solution”, said Shrikant Latkar, Founder – CEO, Oust Labs.

About Oust Labs

Oust Labs is an innovative technology company that is pioneering gamified, mobile micro-learning for enterprises. The Oust platform consists of the Oust Web App, iOS App, and Android App, and a powerful management platform – Oust MPower for authoring and delivering content to the end users. By integrating bite-sized learning into the user workflow, enterprises are able to deliver just-in-time training to their distributed workforce. Oust is available in 35 languages. Oust Labs is funded by Aarin Capital, 3One4 Capital and Mr. T. V. Mohandas Pai. For details visit – Like Oust on our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter @oustlabs

Oust Labs Winner of Elevate 100 startup contest

This story originally appeared in YourStory

History was scripted in the startup world today as for the first time Rs 35 crore funds were made available to 100 plus startup winners at Elevate 100, a Karnataka government initiative to handhold and fast-track entrepreneurship.

State IT & BT Minister Priyank Kharge (extreme right) with from left Kunal Kashyap, Executive Director, TiE Bengaluru,
Ravi Gururaj, President, TiE Bengaluru, Naganand Doraiswamy, Managing Director & Founder, Ideaspring Capital, Sunil Kumar SK, CTO, Deshpande Foundation, Salma Fahim, MD, KBITS and Gaurav Gupta, Principal Secretary, IT&BT Department.

Declaring the winners after a marathon two month effort where startups in diverse sectors across Karnataka made pitches to the jury, Karnataka IT and BT Minister Priyank Kharge said this was the first time anywhere in the world that so much money was being granted at one go to companies with great ideas.

The minister said,

Out of 1,700 applications that were received, after a gruelling three rounds, the jury consisting of industry experts selected 112 companies of the 300 that made it to the final round. But all of them are winners as we received applications from every nook and corner of the state. We received great ideas and they need to only sharpen their ideas and pitches.

Of course, not all selected companies would get the same amount. While some would be eligible for grants up to Rs 50 lakh under the idea2poc scheme, others would be able to tap into the Rs 400 crore funds available with the department under various schemes.

“There are biotech and meditech companies that have already spent some considerable time on their ideas. Such startups would get funds from designated Kitven funds where they have to part with equity and be eligible for higher amounts,” Priyank clarified.

Priyank listed 27 startups in ESDM and IOT, 26 in IT and ITeS, 19 in meditech, 11 in biotech, three companies in agritech, six dealing with cleantech, and four in AVCG fields.

Among the winners were 19 startups run by women entrepreneurs and nine rural startups.

The government also inked agreements with nine companies to help these startups. Among those are Google and Amazon which came forward to give cloud credits for these selected companies, with PWC for mentoring and consulting, with Yes Bank and Kotak Mahindra Bank for banking and filing their tax credits, with Indian Law Practice for legal help and with Digital Ocean and Zoho.

Describing this selection as a very tiring but fruitful journey, Priyank said the exposure will help the government and industry to come together and lead to startups getting a better deal from the ecosystem.

Oust Labs was chosen to be one of the WINNERS of Elevate 100, 2017.

Belagavi-based startup devises platform to make learning more engaging

This article originally appeared in the Times of India

Belagavi MAY 10, 2017: In a fiercely competitive age, there is immense pressure on students to excel academically. However, remaining glued to textbooks can become a monotonous experience. In a bid to make learning more engaging and enjoyable, Shrikant Latkar of Belagavi has developed a micro gaming-cum-learning platform that is available across domains – web, Android and iOS.
The first member of his family to become an engineer, Latkar started Oust Labs in the city in 2015 to help students prepare for entrance examinations for admission into reputed institutions. Latkar, who boasts of more than two decades’ experience at BPL’s research and development centre and multinational corporations such as Motorola among others, sought to combine learning with an element of competition that a game invoked.
In the past two years, Oust Labs, which initially got seed-funding from Aarin Capital, 3One4Capital, has expanded its operations to other cities too, making its presence felt in Bengaluru, and the US. The startup is offering its platform and application to a host of educational institutions, and companies.

“We want to ensure that every idle moment is turned into a fun-learning moment for people. Imagine a world where you can learn anything in just a moment. At Oust Labs, we want to make the learning process simple, effective and engaging,” said Latkar, adding that his company’s app was available in multiple Indian languages.
Institute of Management Education and Research (IMER), Belagavi, is among the institutions to have taken to Oust Labs’ platform. IMER governing council chairman Raj Belgaonkar said, “While educational institutions have been dissuading students from using mobile phones, Oust devised a platform that could drive learning. We think this is a great innovation in the field of learning. Why ban mobile phones when they can become tools of learning?”


Oust Labs brings fun of competition and games to training of blue-collar workforce

This article originally appeared in Yourstory

Pivoting from being a gaming-micro-learning platform for students, Bengaluru-based Oust Labs works as a plug-and-play SaaS-based platform for the training of the blue-collar workforce.

Now that the Nokia 3310 is back, the most common topic of conversation, apart from the fact that it can survive an earthquake, is Snake and the highest score one can manage. This isn’t surprising because the combination of an interesting game and the element of competition has always been a lethal one, and this is just the mix Shrikant Latkar, the first engineer of his family from Belgaum, Karnataka, wanted to introduce in education.

Having worked with mobile app developers in his capacity as the CMO of InMobi, Shrikant was fascinated by the idea of creating games that could be used to make learning fun.

So when he got the opportunity to join in as an advisor for Fuel, a competitive gaming startup, he jumped at it. They were initially using competitive gaming to get scholarships for students going to Columbia University, Harvard, or Stanford.

Competing with each other on topics, chapters, and subjects, the students and peer network would be contributing to their studies at the same time. “Because of my passion for gaming and education, I worked with them for a year and a half. Fuel soon pivoted from education to a pure gaming platform, and that is when I decided to start up on my own,” says Shrikant.

This is how Oust Labs, a competitive gaming and learning platform, came into being. Today, Oust Labs works as a plug-and-play SaaS-based micro-learning platform for companies that need to teach new skills to the blue-collar workforce. Enterprises can create whatever kind of content they need to train their workforce in real time.

Oust Labs

The early days

When Shrikant started in 2015, he already had a ton of work experience — he had worked at BPL’s R&D centre; had, being one of their first employees, helped set up AT&T BEL Labs’ Pune centre; and worked in the US for 20 years.

Shrikant had, however, always wanted to be an entrepreneur, and there were some early signs of this passion — in his second year of engineering, his project was bought by a local company. In his career path, he consciously moved from engineering to product management, primarily to understand the business side of things. He eventually climbed up the ladder as VP of product design across his career.

Explaining the idea of Oust Labs, Shrikant says,

“My idea for Oust was, ‘How can you take some interesting gaming principles, which allow you to be engaged with a platform for a long period of time and use them in learning?’ Games like FIFA are on for almost 10 years with fans for life.”

The platform, had, however, begun purely in the education space. It was when Shrikant realised that adding a social community and having the chance to play against someone increased stickiness that they began focusing on competitive gaming with social features.

Focusing on mobile content

Owing to the fact that people are used to doing multiple things on their mobile phones, ever-shortening attention spans, and the high degree of motivation required to take an e-learning course, Shrikant realised micro-learning would be his best bet.

They initially built the platform for students of classes five and six, but on finding the motivation to play and learn too low, shifted their focus to students of classes 11 and 12. With the initial test, the team saw that their platform had stickiness and engagement and they even got seed funding from Mohandas Pai.

Moving towards the pivot

Oust Labs was launched in March 2016 and saw decent traction. However, that was the time when Byju’s was beginning to conquer the market. Shrikant adds that monetisation was a problem.

“We learnt that Indian parents are okay with a free app, but paying for it isn’t an option. They will spend lakhs for tuition classes but not a mobile app. Also, most colleges don’t allow students to carry their mobiles. We saw that there was a problem to get people to pay and Byju’s had already broken into the area.”

Shrikant mentions that during the process of seeking a path for revenue generation, he showed it to some people in the ecosystem, who said it would be great for employee training. After talking to several new-age internet companies, they realised that the need of the hour was the training of the blue-collar workforce.

They onboarded plumbers, nurses, physicians, and mechanics, but their attendance in classes wasn’t high.

The platform today

Seeing as how this lack of training is one of the biggest hurdles in the path of a company looking to scale, Shrikant realised that what these people need is short training that is reinforced continuously, leading to the micro-learning concept. At present, the platform supports over 29 languages. The current version of Oust Labs for enterprises was launched in August last year.

Explaining their model, Shrikant says,

“Here the customer gets the content. Enterprises can develop courses on their own and they don’t have to pay us. It’s a SaaS platform, where the customer pays for the licence. The highest price is at Rs 300 per user per month. The price varies as per the components. Also, the higher the volume, the lower the price. Currently, the lowest price is at Rs 100.”

The training of the blue-collar workforce has become super important. Today, there are several platforms like Portea, Care24, Ola, Uber, Zimmer, dunzo, and Housejoy which use the services of these workers. On an average, these platforms are believed to hire over 1,000 people in a month. There already are players like Babajob, Jack On Block, Nanojobs, and Bookmybai in this space.

Currently, Oust Labs is made up of a team of 16 people and has raised a bridge round by Mohandas Pai and 3one4 Capital and a couple of angel investors. Shrikant says there is a clear path to revenue with better deal sizes. “We even have customers in South Asia and the US. Now that we have found the perfect product/market fit and found a customer base, our aim is to grow and add more customers,” says Shrikant.

Disclaimer: Mohandas Pai is an investor in YourStory. 

Oust Micro Learning Platform to Power Care24 Worker Training Program

BANGALOREDecember 29, 2016 /Oust Labs/ —

Care24 Launches New Patient-Attendant Training Program Using Oust Micro Learning

Care24, an innovative home-based healthcare services provider has chosen Oust Micro Learning Platform to set a new standard in the training of patient-attendant staff.

Oust Labs, a pioneer in micro learning, offers an advanced SaaS platform for enterprises looking to solve the last mile training challenges. It has built a proprietary methodology of delivering learning outcomes in short 2-minute modules delivered over an extended period of time.

Garima Tripathi, Co-Founder and COO of Care24 said, “We are continuously innovating to deliver the best patient care for ‘at home’ patients. We realized very early on that training our caregivers is paramount to our success, and hence we started our in-house class training program. With Oust, we can now continuously assess and reinforce key aspects of delivering world-class care for our patients, ensuring optimum patient care and enhanced patient experience each and every time.”

“Healthcare industry is one of the largest employers of blue-collar workers across India. Skilling the new generation of workers entering this segment is a massive opportunity for us. We are excited to be partnering with Care24, an innovator in the home-based patient care sector to bring world class training and assessments through the mobile device. The digitization of Indian economy, further boosts the demand for anytime, anywhere training in short bursts of time,” said Shrikant Latkar, Founder – CEO of Oust Labs.

Oust is partnering with Care24 to deliver continuous training in Hindi and Marathi for their 1500+ caregivers in Mumbai. The company specializes in delivering last mile training of workers through its Oust App – available on the Web, Android and iOS (beta).

Android app link:

About Oust Labs:

Oust is an innovative technology company that is pioneering gamified, mobile micro learning for the masses in 2 minutes, 5 questions at a time. Oust has developed a proprietary methodology that leverages movies, music and sports to deliver personalized learning outcomes for an individual or a group. The Oust platform consists of the Oust Web App, iOS App, and Android App, and a powerful real-time management platform – Oust MPower for authoring and delivering content to the end users. Oust is available in 9 Indian languages currently. Oust Labs is funded by Aarin Capital, 3One4 Capital and Mr. T. V. Mohandas Pai. It has offices in Bangalore and Belgaum.

For details please visit

About Care 24:

Care24 is a first-of-its-kind home healthcare service provider in Mumbai, which offers personal and affordable healthcare assistance within the comforts of one’s home. The brainchild of three bright IIT alumni – Vipin PathakAbhishek Tiwari and Garima Tripathi, Care24 has been in operation in Mumbai since December 2014. Since then, it has helped more than 10,000 patients comfortably heal at home. Care24 offers world-class medical care at home with 100% background verified caregivers. Services dispensed include nurses (ANM, GNM and B.Sc.), attendants, physiotherapists, nutritional guidance, pregnancy care, cancer care and infant care.
As patients need the continuity of care at home to recover physically, mentally, psychologically and emotionally fast with ease and comfort Care24 acts as an extended arm for the hospitals at their homes.

Please visit Care24’s website:

Oust Micro Learning Platform Selected by Zimmber for Delivering Innovative Training for their Champs

Thursday Nov 24, 2016 Bangalore, India, Oust Labs, a pioneer in gamified, mobile micro learning solutions, is proud to announce successful deployment of their platform with Zimmber, a Mumbai based on demand home services startup.

Since raising its seed investment from Mr. T.V. Mohandas Pai and Aarin Capital, Oust has been pioneering the concept of gamified, mobile micro learning for skill development. Zimmber deployed this product in September after a short proof of concept phase and has seen terrific engagement from their Champs that consist of electricians, plumbers, painters etc.

Amit Kumar, Co-founder and COO of Zimmber said, “We at Zimmber have always been innovative in delivering value to customers and ensuring the upliftment of our service providers – our Champs. After extensive evaluation of several products, we chose Oust, as it is the only full-stack micro-learning solution, that supports several Indian languages. With Oust, we are able to digitize our trainings, and create short 2 minutes micro courses and assessments in Hindi, and launch them in a very short period of time. We saw a completion rate of 82% within 24 hours of launching a course. As industry thought leaders we have been setting benchmarks for others to follow and this initiative with Oust is another contribution to the home service industry.”

According to a study by Microsoft, humans now have attention span of 8 seconds, which is less than that of a goldfish. Oust is pioneering a new way of training and learning by making it easy for corporations to create rich content on specific topics of interest to ensure that their employees learn in short bursts of time. The Oust micro learning platform consists of the Oust App (available on the Web, Android & iOS) and its powerful Oust MPower management portal that not only helps in authoring and delivering content to the users in real-time, but also helps in measuring learning outcomes with real time analytics.

“In today’s age of WhatsApp and Facebook, where users are expecting rich, visual content, Oust is pioneering a new way of training for corporations by solving the last mile problem in local languages. Institutions can create, test and launch micro-courses and assessments in as little as 30 minutes. We are excited to partner with Zimmber to deliver gamified micro learning to their freelancer community.”, said Shrikant Latkar, Founder – CEO of Oust Labs.

Oust has been in trials with a select group of large enterprises in India over the last 6 months, and is now available for all corporations and educational institutions. Oust evolved from a product that helped students prepare for exams into a full-fledged gamified micro learning solution. Oust is now available in 9 Indian languages currently.

About Oust Labs

Oust is an innovative technology company that is pioneering gamified, mobile micro learning for the masses in 2 minutes, 5 questions at a time. Oust has developed a proprietary methodology that leverages movies, music and sports to deliver personalized learning outcomes for an individual or a group. The Oust platform consists of the Oust Web App, iOS App, and Android App, and a powerful real-time management platform – Oust MPower for authoring and delivering content to the end users. Oust is available in 9 Indian languages currently. For details please visit

About Zimmber

Zimmber is India’s leading online home service platform which was founded in 2014 by Anubhab Goel and Amit Kumar. Operates on 4R execution strategy which ensures awesome service delivery by sending the Right Person who will reach at the Right Time will do the Right Thing and charge the Right price. Currently the services are delivered in Mumbai, Pune and NCR.