Fraud Alert – Manipal Challenge Quotient Contest


We recently noticed that several participants in the Manipal Challenge contest have been participating by creating multiple accounts. Going forward these users will be banned from Oust – this is the first and last warning.

In order to be fair to the 1000+ students who have played sincerely in the contest, and to all the participants we are announcing this additional rule.  As students have put in a lot of effort in completing the 1000 questions challenge, we are going to consider the scores of the first valid attempt only to compute the final winners of the grand prize on April 1.

The leaderboard for the Manipal Challenge contest may not be the final winner list for the contest.

Thanks for your understanding.


Founder – CEO of Oust Labs


Leaderboard Changes


Dear Oust fans,

Our leaderboards have become very very active the last month and several students have been asking us to make the leaderboard rankings more fair. Some have complained that people winning weekly leaderboard prizes are folks who are playing the same modules over and over again.

Oust has been built to make learning fun and in the spirit of helping students learn through our platform, we are announcing a few changes that will take place effective March 14, 2016:

  • As before, students can practice any module as many times as they like and earn XP (experience points)
  • The leaderboard will no longer be based on XP, but will be based on the BEST SCORE of the student on any particular module that they unlock and play. For e.g. if a student unlocks Animal Husbandry module and plays that 5 times and on the 5th try scores 1500 XP (vs 1400 XP on the 4th try) – we will take the score of 1500 (latest score) and use that for leaderboard ranking. However, in the 5th attempt if the user scores 1200 XP, then this 1200 XP will be considered for the leaderboard ranking.
  • Attempting a module again (student chooses to reset the module and attempt again) then the leaderboard score for that module will be reset to ZERO and only the latest scores will be considered
  • This new change will ensure that the rankings are fair and are not dependent on one student spending umpteen number of hours playing one module and collecting XP multiple times over (which was happening before)

Happy to take feedback or answer any questions on this topic.

Thanks for being a member of the Oust community and we hope to bring you more exciting new features and content in the near future.


Shrikant Latkar

Founder – CEO Oust Labs