Seven Points To Remember While Preparing For CAT

OK – so the date for the Common Admission Test (CAT) to be held is set. 4 December it is. Students have already began preparing for this competitive exam. The Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) started this exam to select students for their business programs and it is a moment of prestige for a student to get enrolled in either of the institutes.

Cracking CAT is considered a feat given its difficulty level and paper pattern. But it is not impossible. With a proper study strategy in place, students can score a thrilling percentile and make their way to the second level of the admission process of IIMs. Sure – it is a tedious journey but the end-result is definitely worth it.

With less than 4 months left till the D-Day, let us not waste time any further. Let’s dive into learning seven basic points that you must keep in mind while preparing for CAT:

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How To Prepare For AIPMT 2016

Did you know that 99.4% of all candidates fail All India Pre-Medical Test (AIPMT) every year? While the number of students sitting for this competitive exam runs in lakhs, there are only 52,300 MBBS seats in the country.

Moreover, government colleges have less than 25,000 seats and the all-India quota is just 15% and that excludes premier medical institutes such as AIIMS and JIIPMER. With the figure of failures so high, the motivation levels of students certainly dampens.

But it does not have to be like this.

With proper planning and smart studying, it is possible to secure a spot in a good medical college in the country. Before we discuss tips on cracking AIPMT, we would request you to ignore the “99.4%” figure for once and for all.

There is no point in heading further if you are demotivated internally – and if the number scares you.

So please, remove all doubts from your mind and consider AIPMT a challenge. Read on:

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How To Perform Well In Competitive Exams

With the ever-increasing need of technology among young minds, mobile learning has become a rage. More and more students, nowadays, are opting for m-learning platforms to imbibe knowledge. And, Oust App has been on board with this since the beginning.

Preparing for competitive exams is completely different from giving regular exams. Cracking them is a lot easier, provided you have worked hard in the 12th class and studied systematically. But even if you have not, don’t let that bother you.

Try following the steps given below to attain maximum marks in your competitive exams:

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How To Prepare For KCET 2016 Using Technology

The CBSE Board examinations are finally over!

While the 10th class students are busy making plans to have maximum fun before the beginning of their new session, the fresh-out-of-school lot is now busy cracking competitive exams. Tension is riding high in the minds of students who want to pursue a course of their choice in a renowned college of the country.

One of the most important competitive exams conducted every year is Karnataka Common Entrance Test (KCET). It’s a state level, UG exam taken by students who are interested in pursuing Medical, Engineering, Technology or Dental courses in Karnataka.

According to Karnataka Examinations Authority (KEA), over 1.5 lac students sat for this exam last year. This year, KCET will be conducted on May 4 (for Mathematics) and May 5 (for Physics and Chemistry).

While we have already listed down a few “study and life” hacks for you before, using technology is also necessary to ace KCET. Here’s how you can do that:

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Learning in Groups helps !

Hello All,


History has shown that, studying in groups helps!

One of the key features of OUST is creating groups and challenging your friends! Hope you have discovered that by now. In case, you have not.. Here are the key steps for you to get started:Screenshot_2016-03-16-12-10-06_com.oustme.oustapp[1]

  1. Go to the Friends/Groups page on your app
  2. If you want to challenge any of friend, you can go the friends tab and challenge any of your contacts! But here we are talking of groups.. so go to the Groups tab
  3. Press the ‘+’ sign on the screen, which opens up new menu for you.. to create a group, join a group or share the information.
  4. You can create a Public group/or a Private group
  5. Once you create a group you can add friends to the group
  6. If you are not sure that a friend will be interested in joining with your group,  you can send the group code to your friends in whats app to check if they want to join the group using the group code
  7. Challenge the group on questions from different modules..
  8. Analyze the group leader-board
  9. Meet up for a casual chat with friends and discuss the questions and enjoy!

How to identify members for a group?

  • Choose Friends Wisely: Look for students who seem to show an interest in learning and achieving high academic success or have the same goal as you. They may serve as a good study partner.
  • Limit the Number of Members in Your Group: The size of your study group should range from about 4-6 members. Once the group exceeds 6 people, the effectiveness of the group may drop and the group may turn more into a social gathering than a study group.
  • Exchange contact information: Determine how you will communicate with each other just in case of an emergency, change in the meeting time, concerns/questions, etc. Exchange names, email addresses, and/or contact numbers.
  • Select a Group Facilitator: Select a group facilitator or leader that will be in charge of the basic organization and function of the study group. The group leader will be responsible for tasks such as creating a basic agenda for the following meetings, contacting members about the meeting time and location, etc. Each week a new group leader should be assigned, so no one gets overwhelmed.
  • Play OUST group challenges 
  • Establish a Meeting Schedule/Location: Establish a meeting time for each session that accommodates all group members. Try to choose the same time and day of the week to form a routine. Attempt to limit the length of the meeting to 1-2 hours. This will help to ensure members are focused and will have time to attend. Also, be sure to select a neutral meeting place that holds a sufficient amount of space for your study group members and materials

Happy Learning!

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Cracking IIT JEE Mains In 24 Days With OUST

IIT JEE is hard to crack and most students aren’t able to make it through only because they aren’t given the right direction. So we decided to bring forward a plan that will help you crack JEE Mains with just 24 days on OUST!

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