How does a student benefit from online video gaming

Dear parents, remember how you scold your children when they spend a bit too much time playing video games? We agree it is a little frustrating to see them spend day-in, day-out on their Xbox. Apart from health concerns, falling behind on academics is something that really bothers you – which is why you never support this hobby.

We get it. But now, it is time to change – bit by bit.

If your child is an avid gamer, then maybe you will appreciate this piece of news: A 2012 study by Alberto Posso, a professor at Australia’s RMIT University, revealed that teens who spend time playing video games online are often able to improve their academic grades.

Yes – this is happening and how! Playing video games involves lots of strategizing which indirectly has a positive impact on the school results. In the same study, Posso found that students who were active on social media tended to perform not-so-well in subjects such as math, science and reading.

Such students scored a grade which was 20 points lower than those who never used any type of social media platform. This conclusion was made by Posso after he studied the online activities of more than 12,000 fifteen-year-olds and their math, science and reading marks in school exams.

Even though this study grabbed attention of academicians and parents alike, it was decided that since the social media trends change so rapidly, the conclusion derived by the report didn’t represent the current status on how students used technology – social media and online video games Read more

PCM/PCB Championship Round!

Oust has been conducting the PCM/PCB Championship for the last 15 days! Now,  we have shortlisted candidates for the next round where players who have topped the 7 rounds will be invited to participate in the championship and win prizes like the Amazon Kindle.

Others, have the opportunity for referring your juniors and win prizes. Make your holiday, worth enjoying! Participate/Refer and win!PCMPCB  winners


Oust Weekly Leaderboard Prizes – New Rules

In order to give a chance for all users who regularly play Oust, win prizes, we are making a few changes effective immediately.

  • We will pick 3 random people from the Top weekly leaderboard and award gift vouchers of Rs. 200 each
  • Prizes are awarded for users who play modules that are grade 10 or higher

We continuously monitor fraud on our system and people who create multiple accounts in order to win prizes, will be banned. For details – read this

As always, all decisions of Oust are FINAL.

Play fair and win!

Rules for disqualifying/banning contestants

Hi All,

Contests on Oust are proving to be extremely popular and we have started to crack down on people not following our code of conduct very very seriously.

Contest participants will be disqualified for any of the following reasons:

  1. If we are able to identify that the contestant participated more than once in the same contest
  2. Contestant was not eligible (over qualified – as certain contests are only open for students in that particular grade/college level)
  3. Contestant did not play fair – cheated along with a group of other students, in which case the entire group will be disqualified
  4. Contestants who are disqualified will get an email from Oust. Repeat offenders, will be BANNED from Oust forever.
  5. Finally, Oust reserves the right to disqualify anyone if we suspect any kind of fraud.

Play fair, play square, and have fun & learn. Thats the motto at Oust.


Founder – Oust Labs

Free Placement Test for Belgaum Students

Trinity finishing school in Belagavi is conducting a placement challenge!

Following is the schedule of the events for the respective students:

13th – B.Com/BBA/BCA/B.Sc
14th – MBA/M.Com
15th & 16th – BE/B.Tech/MCA/M.Tech
Registrations at 10 am each day at
Trinity College of Commerce
Nr. 3rd Railway Gate,  Khanapur Road,
Tel: +91-831-4211197 or +91-9482179977
Top 10% scoring students will be awarded with “Industry Readiness Certification” course & placement assistance with MNC’s
Contest rules:
1. No negative marking
2. Decision by Trinity Finishing School is final in any difference of opinion.




T20 – Oust Contest Final Winners + Week 3

We reviewed all game play data for all participants and here the final winners of the 2020 Cricket – Oust Contest.

Week 3

  • Virat Raj, Lokapur
  • Laxmi Narayan, Berhampur
  • Anshul Sharma, Jaipur

Final Winners

  • Abhishek Nayak, Mudhol
  • Vinod Kyara, Laxanatti
  • Bivek Shah, Kathmandu

Congratulations to all. Please send us your IDs (email – so that we can distribute prizes to you!