How much are you aware of the startups?

 In the second of the series on general awareness we do raise an important issue of awareness on Startups!
What you got to do!
  • Play the challenge in OUST
  • Post the best idea in a startup which you feel & experience & upload it our Facebook page
  • You can upload any number of suggestions
Prizes will be picked on the basis of the topping the leader-board.  We want you spread the awareness on Startups!
Top 3 chosen will prizes in the form of Flipkart/Amazon vouchers
Startups have changed the world in many ways.
Driven by the desire to change things the way they work, entrepreneurs strive to realize the true potential of their business ideas. But, lack of deep pockets and competition from bigger market players is something that kicks the startups out of their road to success. It is these initial times and hardships that startups need a backing. And, this is exactly where Angel Investors come into play.
Angel investors are usually experienced entrepreneurs who themselves have been through the same phase and the ones who understand what it takes to create a billion dollar company out of an Idea. With handsome amounts of money in their pockets and a will to trust others with their finances, these ‘Angels’ step in and provide the initial support and sometimes mentor-ship that helps startups successfully take over these crucial and challenging times.


Download OUST and get started today!

Rules for the contest are as follows:

  • Who can participate?
    • All students  are invited to participate in the Oust
  • Scoring
    • There is no negative marking for the questions
    • Scores are determined based on time taken to answer the question and if the question was answered correctly
    • Students will know their score as soon as they finish a challenge of 5 questions and in total 10 challenges
  • Analytics for Students
    • Students will also have access to their analytics of their performance at the end of the event
  • Appeal Process or Revaluation
    • All decisions regarding winners are final and binding and there is no revaluation or appeal process.
  • What is required to participate in the contest?
    • Students can only participate in the contest via the Mobile Phone (only Android devices with version 4.0 or higher). Only one entry per person allowed.
  • Privacy Policy
  • Additional Terms and Conditions
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    Anshul Kapila says:

    Sir, please tell me how I get my promo code . Because in some contest I can’t participated . So pllease tell as soon as possible


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