Manipal Challenge Quotient Winners Week 4

Quiz05Here are the winners for Week 4 for the Manipal Challenge Quotient.

Winners were reinstated as per the post on Facebook after removing fraud entries.

week-4 manipal winners

The folks from Jamkhandi have again made a clean sweep this week.

  1. Lokesh Radaratti, Jamkhandi –  Rs 2000/- gift voucher
  2. Satishreddy Kanakappanavar, Jamakhandi –  Rs 2000/- gift voucher
  3. Shree Krishna, Jamkhandi –  Rs 2000/- gift voucher
  4. Upendra Dixit, Jaipur– Rs 100/- gift voucher
  5. Gangadhar Teli, Jamkhandi– Rs 100/- gift voucher
  6. Inturi Satya, New Delhi– Rs 100/- gift voucher
  7. Basu Patil, Chimmad– Rs 100/- gift voucher
  8. Akshay Raghavan.S, Bangalore – Rs 100/- gift voucher
  9. Shubhendu Shubham, Patna– Rs 100/- gift voucher
  10. Laxmi Narayan, Berhampur – Rs 100/- gift voucher

Gift vouchers will be distributed in the next 3 days upon confirming eligibility. Winners please send your college ID cards or hall ticket as proof.

iPADs are only 3 days away. Hurry and finish the challenge now!

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  1. Akshay Raghavan. S
    Akshay Raghavan. S says:

    Name- Akshay Raghavan. S
    Class – II PUC
    College – Sri Kumaran Children’s Home Composite PU College
    Hall ticket – 914103
    MCQ position – 8th in top 10


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