Storytellers wanted! Announcing the Oust Short Story Contest

The team at Oust is back with a contest yet again and this time, we’re all about identifying the best storytellers and feature them as part of the exclusive Oust Writers Club!

What’s more is that the winner gets it all! Oust has cash prizes lined up for you if your story gets selected, you become a part of our exclusive writers club, get featured on our hall of fame and social media, and get ongoing paid projects.

Yes, if there’s a field that you are an expert in and are willing to share the knowledge to win exciting prizes, this contest is for you.

What is the contest about?

Is there a specific industry or niche that you’re an expert at? A topic that you could help others learn smarter or some secret hacks that you learnt on the job – you wish someone shared with you?

This contest is all about breaking down all those frequently asked topics from your industry into simple, interactive visual stories, that your target audience can use to learn a particular skill. In simpler words, this contest is all about making skill development easier, and giving your expertise the much deserved recognition!

Get started by visiting Oust Story Short Contest

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