5 Things Recruiters Want You To Know

If you are a college student, then you will agree that this time period is important for you. Whether you are applying for further studies or trying to bag your first job – whatever you want will happen in the next couple of weeks. Yes, it is both exciting and nerve-wrecking. We get it!

This is why we plan to discuss something on the recruitment side today. See, the recruiters have a lot on their plate and even more on their minds. To help you do well in your first job-hunting session, we bring to you 5 things that recruiters will never tell you but want you to know:

Recruiters don’t “read” resumes

They simply look for keywords in your application and take a decision on whether or not to call you in mere 5 to 10 seconds. Therefore, make sure your resume and cover letter are well-worded and are able to bring out the most relevant information about you in a few lines.

Make the process of scanning the application easier for the recruiters. Let me spot you as a “potential employee” by just reading the first two lines of your resume. You have to be a step ahead of them if you want to bag a job.

They receive lots of applications every day. Hence, create a resume that makes them want to sit and notice!

Recruitment is both art and science

If a recruiter has invited you for a quick interview at the office, this means your capabilities and qualifications match the company requirements. Of course, this is common sense. Otherwise, why would a recruiter waste time and energy on scheduling a meeting with you?

How self-motivated you are, what your attitude towards the interview call is and how you present yourself during your visit make all the difference. Ensure you make an impact during the interview with the recruiter. Dress well, anticipate answers for commonly-asked questions and most importantly, be on time.

You are judged on every level and at every step. Be prepared. And give your best shot.

Recruiters can blacklist you

This has got nothing to do with criminal activities, by the way. It is just either they prefer to get fresh candidates on board or they forget about your status on their database. In both the situations, it is highly unlikely that they will connect with you again.

Since your name doesn’t come up on their database and they don’t possess a photogenic memory – your chances of getting an interview call vanish completely. But this doesn’t mean you sit in a corner and get sad about it.

Here’s what you can do to stay in the purview of recruiters: Email them whenever there is a suitable opening in the company. And follow up rigorously. We wouldn’t advise you to message or call them on their mobile phones because that’s too intrusive. But sending emails frequently is more than enough to get noticed.

And if you are lucky, you might end up getting an interview call. This way you ensure that “something is better than nothing”.


They stalk your social media profiles

Yes, they do. If they like your application and want to invite you for an interview, they will. But before that, they will certainly check out your social media interactions to get a clear picture of you. Social media has made our lives transparent to the rest of the world.

Even though there are numerous benefits of social media, we invariably end up posting so much about ourselves that it becomes difficult to monitor what should and what should not go out on the online platform. After all, social media makes us absent-minded!

And this is where recruiters step into the picture. They use social media to the fullest to understand the psyche of the potential employee. It allows them to understand whether or not you will fit into the company’s culture and way of working. Make sure your social media channels are made either private or are smartly filtered at all times.

Recruiters don’t take the final call

Their job is just limited to finding good job candidates. The hiring process involves a lot of people – depending upon the nature and level of the job profile. It differs from one organization to another. Startups such as Oust have their own hiring processes.

Similarly, global corporations such as Google hire differently. So if you are thinking about playing your cards right with your recruiter, please do that. But don’t pin all your hopes on the recruiter. He or she won’t decide your future with the company in the end.

To make sure you have a good run with the recruiter of your company, please keep these points in your mind. We know for sure that you will bag the perfect job or internship for yourself. Never stop believing. And never stop playing on Oust!

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