Advantages Of Starting A Career With Startups

The “startup” initiative is the flavour of the season in India. Our government recently made a five-fold hike in its budget to fund new companies for the coming fiscal year (2016-2017). This means that seed capital ranging from INR 50 lac to INR 1 crore will be provided to 50-80 odd startups.

Today, startups dominate all job portals with various job opportunities. For freshers, in particular, working at a freshly-established firm is a career-defining move. Start-ups function like a roller coaster ride.

The environment is informal, responsibilities are more and stakes are even higher. Are you also looking to work with a new company but, at the same time, have inhibitions regarding it?


Here’s why!

Ample opportunities to develop

A startup gives you more chances to innovate than an established firm. You work on various projects simultaneously. The mentality of a typical startup encourages a risk-taking attitude.

It gives you the freedom to experiment with your approach to a problem and explore more lucrative opportunities within the organization. You work with the senior management and assist in arriving at impactful decisions.

You grow not only as an individual but as a professional too! A startup consists of smaller teams – which means there are more responsibilities to grab. This also ensures that your contribution to the organization is not only noticed and appreciated but also rewarded – monetarily or non-monetarily.

If you perform well, you will upgrade faster. However, if you don’t – then all your screw-ups are also noticed and duly noted. And the truth is startups don’t have room in the budget for those employees who don’t show results. So, work hard.

Work in a dynamic environment

The office of a startup is always bustling. Since it mostly hires young people, there is energy in the air. The HR policies are much more relaxed than in a big corporation. Timings are flexible, and so is the dress code (Jeans or shorts – they don’t care as long as you do the job).


There are frequent office get-togethers too that provide an excellent platform to connect with and keep up the morale of the employees. A startup helps its employees bring an idea to life. There is always a constant sense of excitement because no one knows what’s going to happen in the next 6 months.

You can too be a part of the early triumphs of the company. A startup offers the right kind of environment to its employees to help it grow and achieve its tangible goal.

Build a rapport with team members

The employee base of a startup is small – which gives you a broad platform to connect with your team members. The better your chemistry is with your colleagues, the more results you will yield.

It is easier to mix with a smaller group of people and create magic, rather than working in a large team. Here, no one will snag your credit. If you perform well, they will appreciate you. However at the same time, if you goof-up, everyone will see!

In a large organization, you tend to be unnoticed for a major part of your professional life – but not in a startup! From founders to interns, everyone bonds in such a set-up. Startups are known for their flat hierarchy.

Get unparalleled business training

Your work is spread across all departments – horizontally and vertically. This is why it is easier to get some great insights into the business side of running a startup. Now, there is a chance you might learn something that is beneficial to you in the future.

The point is that some people thrive intensively in smaller teams. If you are one of them, you are lucky. This means you grasp quickly than the rest. In fact, you also acquaint yourself with the mental and professional makeup of those who run their own businesses.

Business owners approach things differently. They look at problems with a different perspective. You get the chance to explore new avenues for finding solutions to a problem. Trust us, the entrepreneurial spirit is contagious!

When you work with a startup, you start treating the product as your own. You develop it and spread awareness about it and the results give you a sense of achievement. Working with a startup involves smaller paychecks initially but it offers you an opportunity to highlight your strengths and work up the ladder.

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