OUSTATHON Has Got Everyone Hooked!

So, the OUSTATHON 2015, a one-of-its-kind mobile challenge, began with much pomp and splendor from August 27, 2015. The event activities are being sponsored by Rotary E-Club of 3170, Belgaum and Rotary Mysore Midtown. Based on Karnataka syllabus, this contest is for students of class ninth and tenth. It covers three subjects—Math, Science and Social Science.

You’ll be seeing a whole lot of action till September 18, 2015. And we’ve decided to start sharing sneak peeks with you to keep you up-to-date with what’s happening!


At B K Model High School, Belgaum.

Our enthusiastic Team Oust is covering 16 schools across Mysore and Belgaum during the contest period out of which 3 schools, B.K. Model High School and St. Paul’s School in Belgaum and Vijaya Vittala Vidya Shala in Mysore have already been visited.

Oh, and what an overwhelming welcome did we get!

We will be honest with you: till now OUSTATHON has received an amazing response from both students and teachers, and we’re hoping it will continue to be! Whoever we met here is super keen to learn new ways to learn and excel in academics. So far, the traction has been high and students are really enjoying the study play on the Oust app.


BTW, that’s our Founder, Shrikant Latkar, addressing the kids and telling them how cool the OUSTATHON is going to be!

11873418_1625703791045114_6388959012506768876_nAt St. Paul’s School, Belgaum.

11988409_1630033690612124_1006193870050068602_nAt Vijaya Vittala Vidya Shala (V.V.V.S), Mysore.


Just look at the kids and the gizmos!

Well, today’s time and age does call for a technology-infused learning process, doesn’t it? We wanted to be the first ones to give that experience – so here we are!

Since Team Oust is yet to cover more schools in Belgaum and Mysore, hop on to the OUSTATHON bandwagon without a second thought if you are a resident of either of these two cities.

You really need not be present at the school premises we visit since you can sign up online and start playing right away. (Sign up NOW!)

BTW, the participants and winners from Mysore are going to win awesome gift coupons to the GRS Fantasy Park. After all, all study and no play, makes us sad and dull all through the day!

Looking for more pictures and updates? Catch all the OUSTATHON madness on Oust’s official Facebook page. :)

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