Fraud Alert – Manipal Challenge Quotient Contest


We recently noticed that several participants in the Manipal Challenge contest have been participating by creating multiple accounts. Going forward these users will be banned from Oust – this is the first and last warning.

In order to be fair to the 1000+ students who have played sincerely in the contest, and to all the participants we are announcing this additional rule.  As students have put in a lot of effort in completing the 1000 questions challenge, we are going to consider the scores of the first valid attempt only to compute the final winners of the grand prize on April 1.

The leaderboard for the Manipal Challenge contest may not be the final winner list for the contest.

Thanks for your understanding.


Founder – CEO of Oust Labs


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    • admin-oustme
      admin-oustme says:

      Thanks…we take fraud very seriously and are constantly improving fraud management in order to deliver the best experience for our users.


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