5 Benefits Of Taking An Internship Before A Full-Time Job

Landing a suitable job post college is every student’s dream. However, the current employment scenario in India is not favourable enough. The competition has become tougher. Job vacancies are less in numbers. And even if unemployment is not rampant, students are giving in to mediocre jobs – a situation which is not ideal.

However, “every cloud has a silver lining”! And here, it is in the form of “internships”.

In the last several years, internships have increasingly become a popular option to enhance career prospects by gaining real-time industry exposure at the beginning itself. Today, almost all universities have made it mandatory for students to pursue internships in the middle of academic sessions.

Moreover, professionals are also seeking internships in all kinds of enterprises to harness their skills and even learn more. If you are fresh out of college and looking out for an opportunity, start with an internship as it will help in you in the following ways:

Gain industry knowledge for career development

No matter how much theory you study from textbooks, reports, newspapers and even on the internet about your field or industry whilst at college—nothing can match the knowledge you attain by “actually” doing all those things in a business environment.

An internship will enable you to pick up industry-specific trends, current developments & news and other relevant information quickly. It will encourage you to apply your academic understanding to real projects with actual employees of the organization.

An internship offers a diverse platform to achieve first-hand experience – no matter how short it is – in your field of choice. And, that makes a difference to your CV. Companies always prefer a potential candidate that has some sort of experience.

Learn the use of relevant software & tools

When you work (or intern) with an organization, you tend to apply those tools and software at work that you have only so far learned in theory. In fact, you have to. This is beneficial as you move beyond the theoretical realm of learning and start focusing on more practical issues – which is how every organization thrives.

The more you enhance your skill set, the better it is. Companies are always on the look-out for candidates that don’t cost much time and money to get trained. In fact, having a basic knowledge of industry-specific tools on-field will help you in standing out among other employment-seeking individuals.

Make necessary professional contacts

While it is important to perform the assigned tasks at a particular internship, making a strong list of industry contacts can also be extremely beneficial to you in the future. It makes it easier to secure a job once you are done with your studies or internship.

You, invariably, tend to network with colleagues and seniors. Since you are always in the visual periphery of your team members and leader, networking and relationship-building are skills you just can’t escape!

And the sooner you start making and maintaining contacts, the better it is – for not only your current employment-seeking endeavours but also future business matters. So, take this extremely seriously.

Boost your confidence level

The role of an intern is not restricted to one particular profile. (S)he is required to work in a multitude of departments and puts in efforts on diverse projects. It’s a tough life but then your internship is just the stepping stone to a promising career.

Your interpersonal skills will improve. You will write official e-mails more professionally (Yup! That’s a thing). Basically, an intern is a multitasker and is pulled in all directions – right, left and centre. However, this also means your overall confidence level will improve drastically.

Possibly bag a permanent job

Yes, there’s always a chance your company might take you on board for the contribution you made as an intern. An internship is a platform to show that you are an asset to the organization. Since you are aware of the company’s DNA and have worked in its various departments, it becomes easy to become a part of it on a full-time basis.

Internship is all about proving oneself at every step.

It’s a challenge that everyone should accept at least in a lifetime. So make sure you jump into it right from the start. Create your own work-ethics, improve your skills and become more focused in life.

The mobile learning app Oustme.com hires interns extensively. From working in a team to completing the assignments in-hand, the youngsters are able to not only contribute massively to the growing company but also learn new skills and become efficient multitaskers.

This is the magic of “internships”.

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