Make The Most Of Your Time This Academic Session

A new academic session offers a fresh beginning to every student. From school books to classroom – everything is brand new. It is rather exciting and nerve-wrecking to take the first steps into the next phase of school life which is, no doubt, more demanding and stressful.

Your summer holidays are about to get over. You are revived and rested – and raring to ace your academics, aren’t you? Whether you have just entered 10th standard or are a twelthie, the remaining academic years or months can be fun for you provided you play your cards right.

And your journey can even be smoother if you plan this year’s session properly. We advise you to set goals and targets for yourself – which you wish to achieve in the coming months. Trust us, it will become easier to fare in class tests and mock boards before you actually sit for the “big examinations”.

How does your academic year look?

Schools include test and pre-board dates and holidays in the academic calendar. So when you are making a Plan of Action, make a note of days when you have exams and holidays. This way, you can plan your study sessions accordingly and yet maintain a record of 100% attendance – well, almost! You can even utilize your festive breaks by not just studying but also taking part in the celebrations and spending time with family.

Pre-plan your exam schedule

Setting targets is easy once you know the exam dates. You know exactly how many weeks or months you are left with, the exam syllabus and the subjects you need to work on the most. And even if you have a rough idea about the exam dates – plan.

Don’t just sit and play till the exact timeline is clear to you. Make your estimation, draft your schedule and start preparing. Your efforts will not go waste at all! You have board exams to give. The number of times you study a subject, the better it is.

Build your own resource library

The sooner you start making notes, the better it is – because this will help you in revising. Make sure you buy all the necessary textbooks, procure model tests and previous years’ exam papers and even request your seniors to share their notes with you, if possible.

Don’t go overboard with the study materials. Maintain a database that can be easily studied by you. Be practical. Since there is an abundance of information you can gather, please ensure that you know your study limits. You are a human being and there’s only so much that you can study. Don’t set high targets for yourself that end up de-motivating you.

Break the monotony every now and then

One of the best ways to maintain a healthy study habit is to ‘avoid’ having a monotonous routine.

Get creative: Engage in a bit of doodling as well! Idly sketching or doodling can act as a stress-buster between intense study sessions.

Entertain yourself: There are so many ways to completely give your brain a little rest! Watch a film you have wanted to watch for a long time. You can either do that by visiting the nearest theatre or simply watch it on the laptop!

Exercise: If you feel a little bored after a heavy study session, play a sport. Spending as much time as possible in fresh, open air is the best way to unwind.

Use the internet, study smart

Your generation is now at the helm of learning due to technology. There’s an increasing number of students who are enamored with the desire to learn something new – even after usual school hours. And most importantly, they want to gain new information via a different medium.

There’s an innate want to learn, test and assess whilst-on-the go using mobile apps. You will agree with this! Oust app, for instance, offers an ever-growing question bank of more than 1 lac questions pertaining to classes from 9th to 12th of CBSE and Karnataka state board and several competitive exams (such as KCET, COMEDK, JEE, etc.).

Their USP lies in “Short quizzes, shorter duration”. It provides a quick, on-the-go way to study, take tests and learn! In addition to this, all questions are tagged by key topics, making it easy for you to practice only specific chapters of the syllabus. It even allows you to maintain a scorecard with peers, to check where you stand.

This will certainly help you keep your A-game on during the academic session.

There’s no doubt that a study schedule helps in not only studying better and preparing for CBSE exams but also creating time and space to indulge in extra-curricular activities. Please remember to take it easy every now and then, recharge yourself and resume your academic schedule. You will actually start to enjoy your studies.

Good luck!

Download the app & start playing HERE.

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