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Welcome to Oust Study Hacks.

We created the Oust App with just one intention – to make studying fun for students in as little as 2 minutes. While we understand that we are no where close to realizing this dream, we are proud of the first release of the app that helps students understand where they stand.

Along the way we ended up creating one of the largest FREE math question banks across all grades – elementary, middle and high school, and we have inspired other teachers to come forward and share some of their content with us. Check it out for yourself by visiting or downloading the Oust App from Google Play

Stay tuned as we add more subjects, aggregate other FREE resources to help students realize their dreams irrespective of them being rich or poor, or in one of the buzzing metropolises of the world or a remote village of India. We want to thank all our early adopters for continuing to inspire us to do better in realizing our mission.

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