Planning to study abroad? Here's what you should know

If you ask any youngster about where he or she plans to do higher studies, you will be surprised to get “a foreign university” as the most preferred choice. According to the 2015 ‘Open Doors Report’, a rise of 29% was observed in the number of Indian students heading to the US alone from 2014 to 2015.

Sure – living in a foreign country for a long period of time sounds nothing less than a fantasy for any fresh-out-of-the-school youngster. But the truth is deciding on a degree from a foreign university isn’t all fun and games.

Like everything else, one needs to gauge the pros and cons of getting into a foreign university. Please note we are not opposing the idea nor are we favouring it. We just feel it is important to take an informed decision. After all, it is your education that we are talking about!


1. Global exposure

In terms of personal development, an international move would increase your chances of getting exposed to high-profile projects that might not be available back home. It’d also expose you to a whole new culture. You will meet people from diverse backgrounds and this will only shape your personality better.

2. Varied study programs

The best thing about any international university is the plethora of courses they offer to all students. You can choose from a wide variety of subjects – depending upon your choice and capability. Foreign language, performing arts or even sports besides the usual curriculum is a possibility.

3. Better chances of employability

A degree from a reputed international university will definitely improve the chances of employability with the world’s biggest firms. Studying abroad will automatically give you an upper hand as a lot of employers seek culturally diverse and globally exposed candidates.

4. Broadened intellectual interest

Studying along with peers from different parts of the world will do wonders to your intellect. Learning about new cultures, values and ideas is always a good idea, isn’t it? Moreover, to be able to understand the global markets, it becomes necessary for a person to venture out to other countries to understand the situation better.

Such experiences are valuable to those who plan to come back to India and start something on their own. Hence, pursuing a degree from an international university will give him or her an extra edge over the others.


 1. Adjustment issues

Though some students adapt to new environments quickly, there are many who are not able to do so. They may feel home sick or socially isolated. The reasons for the same can be many. They might even leave the program in the middle due to this.

This move is literally like pouring the student loan amount down the drain. So if you have adjustment issues, then you might want to rethink your decision.

2. Student loans

This is always an issue wherever you go – home or abroad. So until you are sure of your finances, don’t proceed. The interest rates may be affordable but being constantly under pressure to perform just so you get a great job to clear off your loans is nerve-wrecking and avoidable

3. Inaccessibility to accommodation

As a student, you might not be entitled to a room in the hostel. This means you will have to find out accommodation, manage food and pay off utility bills on your own – which means added cost to your overall study expenditure.

4. No placement guarantee

No matter how good the university is, there is always uncertainty around getting placed! The remaining few months are a nightmare for most students because – well – who doesn’t want to get a good job and be able to pay off education loans, right? So yes, there is a lot of planning to do and the outcome might not always be what you desire.

But despite the cons, it is absolutely possible for you to achieve that coveted degree from an international university of your choice! However, a lot of thought must go into taking the decision if all the money, efforts and time is worthy of heading abroad.

If you are confident about following your dreams, then go for it! There’s nothing better than pursuing the goals you wish to accomplish.

So students, do you have any more points to add to this list? If so, please let us know. Team Oust will be more than happy to help!

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Good luck!

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