Top Certifications 12th Students Can Pursue

There’s no doubt that 12th class is the most important academic year for students in India. They not only have to prepare for board exams but also sit for competitive tests to secure a spot in a college of their choice.

While regular study sessions and tuition classes form an integral part of the students’ daily schedules, they can also benefit lots if they take up small certification courses along the way – to gain basic knowledge in a particular field.

Team Oust has hand-picked a couple of them:

Information Technology (IT)


1. Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) Routing and Switching

CCNP validates the ability to plan, implement, verify and troubleshoot local and wide-area enterprise networks and cooperate with specialists to convey advanced security, voice, wireless and video arrangements.

This program is particularly apt for those who have one year of networking experience. And if you don’t – now is a good time to start! You can check out the pre-requisites required to complete CCNP and registration details here.

2. Microsoft Specialist: Windows 10

Any course from Microsoft can instantly boost your CV, right? This certificate, in particular, endorses specialized aptitude in device and network security administration, desktop, application administration and support and remote access particular to Windows 10.

If you finish this course, you become eligible to offer help to desk staff and administration professionals, frameworks directors and architects. Earn the certification in Windows 10 here.

Computer Science

3. CS101

Even though the active course run for CS101 has ended, you can still take it up on a self-paced mode – which is even better given how busy you students are! This course starts from the basics of computer coding. If you go ahead with it, you will have a real understanding of what code is and how it works.

CS101 is best for those who want to take a full time programming course in the future. Are you one of them? If yes, then click here. The course content will only be up until September 1, 2016. So hurry!



4. Understanding common diseases (MOOC)

It is not possible to even do a small certification course if you are planning to go into the healthcare sector. This is why we suggest just this one MOOC here. In this program, you will get to explore four common diseases (high blood pressure, diabetes, heartburn and common cold) and how they can be prevented.

Yes, it is a very basic certification course, but this will at least get you started on prepping up to become a doctor or any other related professional.

Digital Marketing


5. Digital marketing certification course

This niche field has finally picked up in India. Digital Vidya offers a 6 months instructor-led program to students who are looking for an all-in-one package. From email marketing and social media marketing to web analytics and search engine optimization (SEO) – this course is a stepping stone to getting your digital marketing basics in place.

6. Social Media 101, Buffer

Which school-going student is not on Facebook or Instagram today? You are. Your friends are. In short, everyone is! How about actually learning the basics of social media for a change?

You know you can actually sign up for Buffer’s week-long email class that will help you master the basics of social media in just 7 days. From establishing a tone for all your social media posts to understanding the analytics due to the engagement – this Buffer program is quick and simple to understand.

Creative Arts


7. Photography

There are so many workshops that keep happening on the basics of photography. You can join any one of them – whichever is near your home and has suitable timings. Taking up a creative course will also help you relax during intense study sessions.

And yes, photography is seen as a well-paying job these days. So don’t worry about that. There are lots of magazines that are always on the lookout for talented photographers. With your capabilities and certifications – you can certainly get a good job!

8. Multimedia

If graphic designing interests you but you don’t know from where to start – pick up any multimedia course from training institutes such as MAAC and Frameboxx Animation. From painting online and composting to making animated videos and editing – you will get to learn all things digital here. The courses offered range from 7 days to 3 months and are decently priced.

Oust App

This mobile gamification platform does not offer any certification. But as a 12th class student, you can make the most of it by taking all relevant quizzes in subjects such as physics, math, chemistry, biology and English.

The challenge is to solve 5 questions under 2 minutes. You can actually finish an entire module in just 1 hour! Don’t believe us? Download and play the app. Oust believes in “studying smarter”. In addition to this, you can even take contests that happen periodically.

Good luck!

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