Hacks To Study Attentively

Not all students have a strong attention span. There’s nothing wrong with it, as long as you are able to study and finish all your tasks on time. However, if you really want to ensure you are able to study for a long time, here’s what you can try:

1. Download free apps to study on-the-go
The best part is that you don’t have to study at one place for this. Apps such as Oust help you take quizzes on Math, Science and Social Science while you are traveling or on-the-move. The mobile app has a huge question bank of short and interesting quizzes. Study at your convenience, study differently.

2. Switch places to study frequently
You should avoid studying in the same place every day because that will restrict your ability to retain more. A study published in Applied Cognitive Psychology stated that changing places of study will actually force your brain to ‘reform memories every time’ and you will retain more for a longer period of time.

3. Don’t just memorize, understand
You have to strive to make your study sessions a bit more interesting by saying no to “mugging up”. Try out different mediums to study properly:

  • Aurally by recording own words or lectures.
  • Kinesthetically via ‘learning by doing’.
  • Emotionally by connecting concepts to different songs, objects,      people, etc.
  • Visually by using maps, tutorials and charts

Discover examples and instances, not mentioned in textbooks that hold relevance in the current context. That will keep you glued to your study materials for a very long time.

4. Make lots of notes
Better than reading an entire textbook, right? Notes will help you retain more information and they are your best friend during exam time! You will also not get bored and be able to study for a long time.

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