How To Prepare For KCET 2016 Using Technology

The CBSE Board examinations are finally over!

While the 10th class students are busy making plans to have maximum fun before the beginning of their new session, the fresh-out-of-school lot is now busy cracking competitive exams. Tension is riding high in the minds of students who want to pursue a course of their choice in a renowned college of the country.

One of the most important competitive exams conducted every year is Karnataka Common Entrance Test (KCET). It’s a state level, UG exam taken by students who are interested in pursuing Medical, Engineering, Technology or Dental courses in Karnataka.

According to Karnataka Examinations Authority (KEA), over 1.5 lac students sat for this exam last year. This year, KCET will be conducted on May 4 (for Mathematics) and May 5 (for Physics and Chemistry).

While we have already listed down a few “study and life” hacks for you before, using technology is also necessary to ace KCET. Here’s how you can do that:

Change your place of study frequently

You are completely familiar to your school and bedroom. Familiarity breeds comfort and that has benefited you in many ways. However, let us remind you that your KCET exam will take place in a totally unfamiliar place.

Your surroundings and the faces you see might not be exactly pleasant. This will hamper your performance in the exam. So what to do you? You change your place of study frequently. This will help you in two ways:

  • You will become more adaptable to your surroundings. A sudden change will not affect your mood.
  • A New York Times article revealed that switching locations during study sessions boosts the memory.

And if you are studying on your mobile phone, then the movement is even easier. Thus, technology on the phone paves way to stronger adaptability and a better recall value.


Cover the syllabus step-by-step

Today, there are so many education-based websites and mobile apps that not only teach the entire syllabus properly, but also test the students. There are many online educational sites that offer short courses for this competitive exam.

For instance, to cover trigonometry, you can watch YouTube tutorials, take tests on mobile apps (such as Oust App) and even solve question papers available on online. Here, you not only have the option to study everything, but from all learning mediums.

Mobile technology, specifically, helps in a time-bound preparation and also has a broader reach as now a majority of students use smartphones.

Compete with your friends

Oust App offers a brilliant platform to challenge your friends (and even other students from all over the world) to a round of quizzes. If you are feeling confident enough about a particular topic, then select one of the quiz modules and invite a your friend who you think can beat you.

If you win, then you will know you are going in the right direction. But if you lose, then you can figure out and work on your weaknesses. The more you involve your friends and other students, the better prepared you will be during the exam day.

Follow the Facebook page of Oust App to get notified of all the mock questions it posts to help prepare you for the big day!

Improve your general knowledge

There are many online educational sites that offer short courses – covering the syllabus for this competitive exam. But when it comes to preparing for GK, the pool is limitless – and honestly speaking, it gets confusing for the students.

To narrow down the depth of your learning, opt for a few newspapers – both national and regional – to acquaint yourself with daily trends. Oust App keeps posting current news updates, “Fun Facts” and posts on “Did You Know” on a daily basis. You might want to check the page out!

How can Oust App help you?

If you want to practice for it while on-the-go, try Oust app as they offer a huge question bank (of questions and quizzes) just for KCET preparation.

And if you are not using it currently, Install the Oust app RIGHT NOW!

Finishing the syllabus from class 11th and 12th textbooks is necessary; but don’t stick to just that. We encourage you to look for learning sources that you find most convenient.

Have any doubts around KCET or the app itself? Drop us a comment here or message on Facebook.

All the best!

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